How long does a clip cost and why.


On the subject of how much certain haircuts cost and why they take so long:
As a general rule, the more hair you’re leaving on, the more it is going to cost. Once the hair is longer than a quarter inch to a half and inch, you can’t use clippers any more. What you have to do is puff their hair up and scissor it like you would a topiary hedge. And it’s a hedge that is sometimes fighting back :)
The scissor a dog, you can’t really cut any hair before their bath. you have to brush and comb them out until there are no mats at all. Then they get their bath. After that, they are blow dried and brushed so that their hair is straight and it stands up. That’s when you can actually start shaping the cut. When you are doing that you are essentially using your shears to sculpt a haircut.
A clip using the clippers can take as little as an hour but normally it takes between and hour and a half to two hours.
A scissor clip takes three hours generally and on a larger dog, depending on the coat, they can take as long as five or six hours.
It’s worth it, at least I think it is, and dogs get used to it. But that is basically why scissor clips are more expensive.

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