About us

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The idea for Cut and Print Dog Grooming emerged from a combined love for dogs and photography. Twenty years ago, Stephane McGuire took the passion for dogs and turned it into a career completing a two year apprenticeship under a master groomer at a boarding facility in the suburbs of Toronto.

The philosophy behind Cut and Print stems from the idea that life with dogs is a life enhanced. Dogs bring a happiness to life that nothing else can and that happiness is something worth celebrating. They bring us up when we are down. They bring us comfort when we need it. They even protect us.

Cut and Print offers the highest quality dog grooming and portrait services in the region at the most affordable prices. We do it because we love dogs, because we believe that a life without dogs is missing that special something that only they can bring. At Cut and Print, we are artists as well as dog lovers and the fit between dog grooming and portrait art seems a perfect fit. It is our great joy to take dogs and make them as beautiful as they can possibly be and when they are at their finest, produce a first class portrait.

We are not set up like an assembly line that pushes dogs through in such a way as to maximize profit. We will take care of your dog from admission to pick-up like it is a member of our family. We are, in fact, welcoming them as guests in our home and they will be treated that way for the time that they are here. We have our own dogs. We understand how expensive it can be to own one. Keeping your dog comfortable, healthy and happy should not be an unwelcome expense.

There are places that say grooming is what they love to do.

They say it. We live it.

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